Know About NGO

Sarhad(meaning, Border) is a Non-Governmental Organisation(NGO) based in Pune, Maharashtra. Established to work initially within the border states of Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir and in the North East, Sarhad has now decided to extend sphere of its activities across the Indian borders. Sarhad is an educational organization founded by, social activist Hon. Sanjay Nahar Based in Pune, dedicated to peace and humanity.Sarhad renders its work in education, healthcare, rural, industrial and economical development.

The year 2008 began with possibilities of sarhad reaching out to the people in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Iraq, Turkey and other in the vicinity, such as Tibet. Responsible individuals of some of these countries have agreed to initiate activities that can bring piece, harmony, and development in their respective troubled areas. It is our firm belief that such activities can mitigate the Sufferings of the people and bring in economic and social stability.

Sarhad has worked in the areas affected by violence since 1980s. each region has problems and challenges specific to that area. These region have, however, several things in common: they have destabilization and devastation all around. Pace of development in social, economical, or cultural front is not on par with the progress in other region. People seem to have forgotten about the rich culture, art and literature of each of the regions. Be it political mishandlings, administrative, breakdown or emergence of secessionist tendencies, the result is the same everywhere: mistrust, alienation, hatred, chaos and mindless violence.

The Sarhad has stepped in and has taken upon itself the task of mitigation of the sufferings of the people in these areas. It has been working with the people, local organizations and the government agencies which strive to improve the situation in each of the regions.

Aims and objectives

  1. To bring about socio-cultural harmony, enrich local and strengthen social structures.
  2. To assist in education, healthcare, rural, industrial and economic development in these areas, especially for the violence-affected and needy people.
  3. To fight communalism and the creed of violence.
  4. To promote friendship, peace and harmony among the people of various religious and ethenic groups and all communities and castes in these states.
  5. To bring the misguided youth back into the mainstream and involve them in developmental activities.

Our Aim
A Dream “To Lead”
A Dream “To Succeed”

We realize that all students are “Born To Win”. Education is fundamentals for the complete development of individual. The main aim of Sarhad is to create a culture of tolerance, dialogue, under-standing, respect and pluralism. Aim is to create learning environment that encourage critical thinking skills, and provide education that will lead to gainful employment for the people. It is though education that we can improve mutual understanding between different groups and cultures.

What we Possess

  • Experienced and approved staff.
  • Well developed and beautiful campus.
  • Well furnished computer labs with projector facility and internate facility.
  • Library facility with variety of books, research journals, newspapers, reference material and comfortable reading halls.
  • Biology, Physics and Chemistry Labs with all necessary equipments.
  • Playground .
  • Seminar hall with projector facility.

President-Mr.Sanjay-Nahar-imgEducation’s an all-encompassing word. It’s not just confined to books and degrees. The real objective of education is to emancipate an individual and blossom his/ her personality to the fullest. ‘ Education libarates,

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Principal-Mrs.Sushama-Nahar.-imgFor SUCCESS make your effort level more than your reason level is.

A college is a place where students from diverse background come to learn the essentials of life. We at Sarhad school and junior college know that every individual is unique and special.

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