Rules And Regulations

  1. The students should strictly obey the rules laid down by the college from time to time .They should maintain strict discipline in conduct and studies.
  2. Students are expected to wear the college uniforms while in college and be polite with the teachers and other college employees.
  3. Students should wear his/here identity cards regularly failing he/she will be treated as a trespasser and will be punished /fined.
  4. Students must not indulge in any activity either inside or outside the college campus that will any way interfere with the smooth administration and discipline. The students found guilty of any act of misconduct either or outside the college campus shall be subjected to strict disciplinary and may be rusticated from the college.
  5. Students should be regular in attendance they must remain present for all lectures, practical, college examination tutorials etc. Terms will not be granted unless a student is present for 75% lectures and practical held during the year.
  6. Students are expected to take proper care the college property and help in keeping the premises neat and tidy Any damage done to the college property is serious breach of discipline, which will be punished ,and the damage caused shall be compensated from the students immediately.
  7. The students should read the college notice boards regularly  and the college will not be  responsible for the loss of information due to negligence of reading notices on part of the students.

President-Mr.Sanjay-Nahar-imgEducation’s an all-encompassing word. It’s not just confined to books and degrees. The real objective of education is to emancipate an individual and blossom his/ her personality to the fullest. ‘ Education libarates,

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Principal-Mrs.Sushama-Nahar.-imgFor SUCCESS make your effort level more than your reason level is.

A college is a place where students from diverse background come to learn the essentials of life. We at Sarhad school and junior college know that every individual is unique and special.

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