Principal’s Desk

For SUCCESS make your effort level more than your reason level is.

A college is a place where students from diverse background come to learn the essentials of life. We at Sarhad school and junior college know that every individual is unique and special. While we encourage them to maintain their own identity, we ensure that they respect others however strong or weak they are by only reminding them that they are all children of the same God.

It is said that the students are the pillars of the nation. The world today is changing at such an accelerated rate that we need to pause and reflect on system of education in college. Hence there is great responsibility towards the teachers and the institute. Now a days, society show many changes due to globalization, science and technology. Day by day new trends are emerging in education. Keeping in mind the wordings of Rabindranath Tagore that teaching must be based upon students’ needs, nature and environment, our management and the staff members strive hard to make the learners to build in them a repertoire of experiences and make them fit to keep pace dexterously with the changing nature of the society to which they belong.