About Sarhad

logo-sarhadSarhad is a social, cultural and educational organization that has dedicated itself to a cause, which is bonding with the people of the strife-torn border regions. Starting with Punjab in the ‘80s under the name Vande Mataram, the organization spearheaded by Sanjay Nahar, evolved into Sarhad in the ‘90s when it began its work in Jammu & Kashmir.

Three decades after its inception, the organization is now a home away from home to orphaned and below poverty line children desirous of making a life of their own by staying away from the violence and destitution in their home state. More than 150 boys and girls from Jammu-Kashmir, about 20 from the Bodoland Territory Council and an equal number from Manipur from the Northeast India are studying in Sarhad, in the peaceful and safe environment of Pune, Maharashtra. Sarhad is taking care of the entire education, lodging and boarding on its own, without any government or foreign aid.

Described by many highly placed people in the social field, government, bureaucracy as perhaps the only organization of its kind in the country, Sarhad draws its inspiration from the fact that the children from strife-torn regions deserve an opportunity to come up in life on their own.

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President-Mr.Sanjay-Nahar-imgEducation’s an all-encompassing word. It’s not just confined to books and degrees. The real objective of education is to emancipate an individual and blossom his/ her personality to the fullest. ‘ Education libarates,

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Principal-Mrs.Sushama-Nahar.-imgFor SUCCESS make your effort level more than your reason level is.

A college is a place where students from diverse background come to learn the essentials of life. We at Sarhad school and junior college know that every individual is unique and special.

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